Food Industry

     Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd


In 1984, they started manufacturing of  Potato wafers and distributed to nearby retailers.


The Balaji wafer had a 51+ product range and 93+ SKUs ( Stock Keeping Units ). The products were distributed in three types of Namkeen wafers and western snacks.

Balaji makes around 30+ varieties of products like 12 flavored wafers, 12 namkeen, 12 are western snacks.

Production Capacity

The Balaji Wafers now a day own four food processing units in India with a total 6.5 lakh kg food processing capacity of potatoes and 10 lakh kg capacity of namkeen per day.

The production capacity of the Rajkot plant is 8000-10,000 kg per hour

Market Share

Balaji wafers dominated the market of the western product with a share of 71% and in its home state, Gujrat goes around 90% share.

The company has a major market share in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa, and around 15% in Madhyapradesh(MP).

“The Economic Times” recognized  Balaji Wafers as ‘Sultan of Wafers’. Balaji Wafer is a member of the ‘Snacks Food Association.’