Pioneering India's Digital Economy and Inspiring Global Adoption

The origins of UPI payments can be traced back to 2016 when the Indian government launched the Digital India campaign.

In 2020, UPI transactions reached $457 billion, growing to $611 billion by FY 2022, and projected to surpass $800 billion by FY 2023, highlighting remarkable growth.

UPI had achieved an even higher year-over-year growth rate of 95%, reflecting its continuous improvement in security measures 

In 2021, UPI recorded $2.8 trillion in transactions, growing to $3.5 trillion by FY 2022, with a projected $4.5 trillion for FY 2023, highlighting its remarkable expansion.

Continuous Innovation

Quantifiable Benefits of UPI Payment

1. Financial Inclusion at Scale  2. Unprecedented Convenience  3. Enhanced Transparency and Reduced Corruption  4. Cost-Efficiency  5. Speedy Transactions

UPI's success has inspired other nations, such as Nigeria, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, to consider adopting similar digital payment systems to modernize their financial infrastructure.

Global Adoption

Strengthened Security 

UPI maintained and improved its 98% fraud prevention success rate in 2022 and 2023, owing to robust multi-layered security features, ensuring secure digital payments.